Monday, December 27, 2010

Lost And Found

The temporary thaw may be here but it’s another very unpleasant day, not one for birding, ringing or even going out unless the rain and sleet ease off. It's an opportunity to sort through more pictures where I found previously unpublished ones, lost among the many thousands taken in the last twelve months. Not in any particular order, but here goes.

Below is how the year both began and is destined to end, Pink-footed Geese against the snowy backdrop of the distant Pennines. Next, in the garden is a single Fieldfare on Christmas Day standing guard over a pile of windfall apples that I stored in the freezer from August on the improbability that we might get two hard winters. I say single Fieldfare because two days later this bird still chases off all Redwings, Blackbirds and other Fieldfares, defending its hoard of apples. The only thing it gives way to is a Starling.

Pink-footed Goose


The Corn Bunting is a worrying species, shy, hard to study and more difficult to track down as the population declines, but it is a stunning bird to see at close quarters, in the hand or to photograph, as here at Out Rawcliffe at a favoured farm in the early part of the year. Out Rawcliffe also has a good population of Little Owl and Brown Hare

Corn Bunting

Brown Hare

Little Owl

Another highlight of the year at Out Rawcliffe was when Will and I caught 9 Tree Pipits, one in spring and eight in autumn, and it was only a matter of time before we caught a Sparrowhawk or two, so regular were they in the area of our nets.

Tree Pipit


Other ringing highlights were Kestrels and several Wheatears, the latter captures made more satisfying by being on my local patch at Pilling where unfortunately my first Redshank nest came to nothing when the bird laid eggs just a few yards below a public footpath.



Redshank nest


Here are a couple of pictures from you know where again, Menorca; an Audouin’s Gull showing off its two tone bill, a stunning Hoopoe, Cattle Egret against Mediterranean Blue, and my lottery win dream home.

Audouin’s Gull

Cattle Egret




Finally a couple of bird pictures from 2010 that I just like, for no particular reason. Closely followed by grandchildren Theo and Olivia getting into the festive spirit.


Wood Pigeon

Happy New Year

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