Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its Over…....

No, not the blog but the C word, thank goodness. Three days of immobility, no birding, no swimming with the pool full of seasonal grockles, no decent weather even in which to go for a bracing fresh air walk, plus the added imposition of an oversupply of well-meant but ultimately unhealthy food when doing the compulsory seasonal visits to friends and family.

Sue and I broke the turkey tedium today with a visit in the pouring rain to Pisces at Fleetwood , the best chippy in the world, where the deep fried haddock comes out Dulux brilliant white beneath the coating of crispy, russet batter, the fishy feast complemented by the red hot, light-as-a-feather chips that scald the inside of unprepared cheeks - a £5.99 “special” that includes tea, bread & butter and mushy peas? I’d say that is pretty special in rip-off Britain. So, instead of yet another bird list, why not start a foody list and tick this establishment next time you visit Fleetwood?


The birding hasn’t been quite as special, and whilst we birders live in hope everlasting, a bit of good luck does help. You see on the way back home from Fleetwood at lunchtime, windscreen wipers set on on “fast-as-hell”, I seemingly drove past a tame or intoxicated Waxwing eating berries next to a bus stop whilst it waited for the C2 to Knott End.


Now if I had invested in a pager, switched my mobile on instead of wasting time in the company of my darling wife, been a proper birder or joined in frenzy birding and in the past showed enthusiasm for dropping everything for a year tick, I might just have found out earlier, like Sunday when there were a dozen or more at the same location. But, such is life for a dummie like me, and maybe in the New Year I should get my act together, become a real birder, start a list or two, buy an infernal buzzing machine and stop pratting about with a camera and a pair of ringer’s pliers.


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