Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chimney Owl

Will had a phone call to help out with a Tawny Owl that had fallen down a chimney. Luckily for the birds there was an open fireplace at the bottom of the shaft, so the only apparent damage was sooty plumage, a covering of cobwebs, a dishevelled look and maybe a loss of pride. Will scooped the bird up then took it along to John’s Raptor rescue at Knott End for a check over. John kept it for a day or three for rest and recuperation, then said it was fine and eating well. In these cases the bird must be returned to where it came from. Will collected it and took it back to garden of the house near Garstang where it had the mishap. When I took the photo the bird was a bit lethargic; that’s what comes of living at sleepy old Knott End, even for a few days.

Tawny Owl

On release it seems the Tawny was 10 times sprightlier than it looked. When Will opened the box in its home territory it jumped straight out and flew to a yew tree at the back of the garden. Immediately Blackbirds mobbed it, until it was joined by another Tawny, probably the mate it had been continually calling to, prior to the chimney incident. Two Tawny Owls in the half-light then proved too much for the Blackbirds and they very quickly quietened down and cleared off.

I do so like a happy ending.

Late news. Last evening Will had another knock at the door and a different neighbour, this time with yet another Tawny Owl. This one was a road casualty, so we’ll see how it does but it might mean another call to John at Knott End.

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