Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, Saturday

The forecast is bad for tomorrow but if the BBC are true to form it won’t be nearly as bad as they suggest, my cue for setting the alarm.

After a 10 day interlude I needed to check my Swallow site out today: Maybe that is not as random as it suggests as I knew there would almost certainly be young Swallows ready for a ring. In fact after losing two broods to unknown but suspected predators, two other broods were of the right size for a ring today with primary feathers “IP” – just in pin, but emerging. So I ringed 3 in one nest where Molly the Border Collie kept intruders out and five in a nest in the black shed with the tiny, unobvious but secure entrance hole as around me adults and birds of the year tried to join in with bouts of feeding hungry young.



In the nest that fledged only 14 days ago, in fact the most secure and favoured nest site, an adult sat on 4 new eggs, these Swallows certainly don’t waste any time. In other nests I counted 14 eggs, some quite soft and ready for hatching, then in another nest, chicks too young to ring now but ready in four or five days.


Back at home with the lure of peanuts I tried to interest the Great–spotted Woodpecker into spending time in the apple tree, but even as a youngster it is so wild and wary that it is a difficult task. Momentarily I got the bird to pose half way around the tree, not ideal but in the evening light it made for a pleasing picture, as did the Chaffinch and Collared Dove.

Great-spotted Woodpecker


Collared Dove

I looked at which suggests that Tuesday may be better for a ringing expedition. Here’s hoping.


Andrée said...

That's a fascinating post. I never would have thought wild swallows could be ringed. And seeing your European birds always fascinates me. Great post!

mick said...

All great birds - I really like the photo of the young swallows in the nest being fed by the adult.

madibirder said...

Hi Phil'
Great photos. Love the pic of the swallows feeding. And what a striking red cap the woodpecker is wearing.

BirdingMaine said...

Excellent photo series Phil!

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