Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quality Street

That’s what Will and I called one of our net rides at Rawcliffe this morning when two 60ft nets especially kept catching warblers and finches. In fact it was a very successful morning’s ringing after a slow start at dawn but better once the early morning dampness cleared and the temperature rose.

We caught 49 birds, 35 new and 14 recaptures of 8 species. New birds were:
Willow Warbler 10
Sedge Warbler 3
Whitethroat 10
Goldfinch 8
Blackbird 1
Treecreeper 1
Dunnock 1
Great Tit 1

Recaptures came as:
Willow Warbler 4
Whitethroat 4
Sedge Warbler 6

We caught our first juvenile Sedge Warblers of the year, fresh and yellowish, looking so different from the whitened adults with plumage now worn by their travels in the early year and the demands of a breeding season.

Sedge Warbler-juvenile

Sedge Warbler-juvenile

”Quality Street”

We also caught a few Goldfinch which appeared barely out of the nest, short winged, short tailed youngsters but obviously independent enough as they flew off strongly in small parties of adults and juveniles. Whilst this went on around us we found Goldfinches at a different stage with a nest containing five eggs.



Goldfinch nest


Two juvenile Whitethroats with consecutive ring numbers we recaptured this morning had actually been originally ringed in a nest in the plantation on 9th June.


The actual birding as distinct from the ringing was very quiet this morning with no visible migration and the new birds caught today can be ascribed to post breeding dispersal of juvenile birds and moult dispersal of adult birds.

On the lepidoptera side of things we did find a cache of eggs on nettles this morning. A quick trawl of the Internet identified these as Small Tortoiseshell - Aglais urticae I think.

Small Tortoiseshell?

Another Dawn-Out Rawcliffe


Kane Brides said...

A very productive morning! That sunrise is fantastic! :-)

Unravel said...

Nice photos of the Sedge Warbler once again!
The goldfinch's nest looks so neat, especially the inner part of the cup.

Birdringal-andalus said...

Dear Phil, greetings: the migration has begun !!!!.
Yesterday in the ornithological station Guadaira River in Coria del Rio Sevilla was captured here in the first instance of common warbler (Acrocephalus shoenobaenus) young of the year.
The first step before marriage. I hope to get lucky this time and reclaim some of these that you are dialing in England there
As always, I am sending you a big hug and congratulations on those precious shots.
Fernando Gavilan ..

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