Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four And Twenty Blackbirds

Impossible for me to get out birding today because of the snow and ice, not to mention baby sitting; but then we are also rapidly running out of time as the big day with the compulsory non-birding time impinges. On the positive front, today December 22nd is the first of the longer days. Hooray!

Not quite 24 Blackbirds but as happens every year at the first sign of snow or frost, our garden fills up with thrushes, mostly Blackbirds, the occasional Fieldfare and Song Thrush, or on two previous consecutive and cold Christmas Days, a warbler in the shape of Blackcap.

Anyway I did count 17 Blackbirds in the garden today fighting with the Starlings over apple possession in which the Blackbirds almost always give way to the Starling’s insistence. One or two Blackbirds hopped straight out of a Lars Jonsonn book to be in the garden but a Mistle Thrush wouldn’t come closer than the back fence.




Mistle Thrush

Unexpectedly the snow and frost cut down the number of visiting Goldfinch to one or two at a time in contrast to ten or twelve last week, so I will have to see if this is temporary or if they moved on. It’s less surprising that several Chaffinch stayed around and that the resident Robin became less shy.






A striking looking albino Blackbird paid a quick visit but hid partly out of view preventing me from taking a full picture.


I had to put out extra peanuts to make a Jay hang around for more than a few seconds.


Down the lane towards the River Wyre it is still icy but the sun is making headway; and I saw the albino Blackbird. So that's where it came from!


Birdringal-andalus said...

Dr.Phil,greetings: if you see that things get complicated much up there, you know, although still here in the rain, the cold is bearable ...
A hug and thanks for give us your story.
Your friend Fernando.

Phil said...

Hola Mi Amigo,

Mi decir la nieve acabe pronto. Luego ringing.
Un abrazo para usted y Feliz Navidad.
Como es mi Castellano?


Tabib said...

Beautiful birds in cold condition - Black and colourful variety.

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