Saturday, December 5, 2009

Better Than Nothing

I was due to go out but it kept raining, spitting and spotting until 1030 and although it wasn’t too windy, there wasn’t much sun either so I decided to save the best until tomorrow, read the Telegraph, do a few jobs, put a net up in the garden and take a few photos while Sue went shopping.

I thought it was a joke when I said my pliers were rusty through non use but when I opened my ringing box, there really were spots of orange rust gained from when I last put them away some weeks ago.

In the past few days there have been up to 12 Goldfinch in the garden at any one time so that some have to wait their turn at the feeders. All that changes when a net goes up, they are more reluctant to visit but the ones that do come take a different route out which involves a rapid climb from the feeders to avoid the 9ft high net at the back of them.

I caught 5 including this really dark red adult male.

Fortunately I didn’t catch more than a couple of Starlings but I did catch a control, an adult male with a moderately worn ring which suggested to me it wasn’t from this year. An hour later it came back for more so I caught it twice – CF58460 anyone?

Blow me if I didn’t also catch a Blue Tit with a ring not mine, anyone for T470174? This was one of eight caught.

Long-tailed Tits come by the garden infrequently so I don’t mind catching a few rather than a noisy troublesome net full, so bagging four today was ok.

The two Tree Sparrows in the garden this morning quickly disappeared when the net went up. And Chaffinch also know when nets are about so I didn’t expect to catch any but this fine adult female came along.

18 ringed, 2 Controls and cleaned up pliers. This could be the start of something big.

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