Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi everyone!

Well I did the easy bit. Signed up to The Bird Blog Club, swore my oath of allegiance to Google Inc and wrote down to later lose yet another unmemorable password variation on “wheat3£?22ear99”. Just two geeks who had a bright idea? There’s hope for birders yet. I’m just thankful I have a few quid invested with Google.

A blank screen, but now for the difficult bit, adding the words and pictures, desperately trying not to cock-up completely. Even so my hit counter is at 50 and more before I click the “publish” button. I managed to upload a header photo, even handled the obligatory bird links, slipping in a few extra non birdy ones, hoping it won’t lead to my further relegation to an even lower division. I quite like the header photo taken recently with my old Nikon Coolpix 8700, easily the worst camera I have ever had. If anyone wants to take this pile of poo off my hands before it lands in the big grey bin, or joins the mountain of pre digital camera equipment festering in a cupboard, let me know. But for now, thank goodness for the Footsie bounce, back to the digital age with a vengeance and a brand new Canon. All I need now is for autumn to begin, a few more birds than I have seen in recent weeks and I can snap away 600 times before loading a new film I’m told.

I agonised over the title. Unhelpful and a little puzzling that Sue said “Just call it ‘Victor’s’ Blog”, everyone will understand that”. “But it’s about birds” I insisted grumpily. Women, I don’t believe them.

So it’s just another bird blog with no firm plans, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’ll just take it as it comes whether I’m birding, ringing or whatever. I know I have to make it interesting for you to visit again; I don’t want this blog to suffer from McDonalds Syndrome - “Tried It Once, Never Again”. Pretty sure what won’t be on here – Weeds, Creepy Crawlies and Seawatching. Now there’s an apt name for a Fylde pastime. Which reminds me that I did have a lady at Knott End phone me this week to say she had a Gannet on her chimney all afternoon, but after being harassed by gulls for a few hours it apparently flew off to no doubt later excite the folks at Starr Gate.

Don’t get me wrong, when I lived on the other side of the River Wyre I used to go to Rossall Point quite a lot, mainly to keep an eye on the breeding Ringed Plover where in the 1980s and 1990s I found many nests, sent in many Nest Record Cards and ringed over 60 pulli. Now no one seems to know how Ringed Plovers do there or whether any still manage to breed after years of torment by the doggy brigade, ably supported by Wyre Borough Council. Also, I love watching Cory’s and yelkouans from “The Malibu” on Menorca, tossing the occasional lump of bocadillo to the lingering Audouin’s or Yellow-legged Gulls, but from the cliffs find it much more interesting to separate the Pallid from the Common or wait for the Alpine or a passing Hobby than stare out to sea.

Anyway, whilst typing away but glancing out of the window cursing yet another weather “forecast” as the sun peeks out, I realised that as its fine I really must get out to ring what will probably turn out to be my last Swallows of the year.

For now I’ll leave you with a few pictures from earlier in the year. Barn Owls near Nateby and Little Owls near Garstang, the latter courtesy of Wayne Sleep’s mum. Wow, this blog must get better and better, maybe I can get some birding celebrities and big listers on here next.


Pete Woodruff said...

I'm pleased to be the first to comment on your new blog Phil and look forward to your forthcoming efforts to keep the engine running, not an easy task let me tell you but who am I to tell anyone anything about birding/blogs being just a relative newcomer to it all. Enjoyed your intro piece very much. Ignore the 'counter' it adds your own every visit and I reckon some bloggers do visits to their own blog on purpose to impress with the hit's and get the number climbing. Thanks for adding Birds2blog to your links list, of course I have done the same for you.

Look forward to 'bumping into you again soon Phil....long time no see.


Fleetwood Birder said...

Rinigng is just like seawatching; setting up, hours of inactivity, packing up and going home!

CherylK said...

Well, I'm wishing you a happy 1st blog anniversary on this very first post of yours! It's an excellent post with lots of chuckles and some great photos.

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