Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jay Day

I had a pleasurable couple of hours out this morning not seeing anything extraordinary but the weather was a little better and the light was good although I didn’t catch up with anything to photograph.

I started at Fluke where driving through I noted a Little Egret in the pool in the wood. Of course as soon as I pulled up, the said bird took up and off over the trees and out towards the fields and marsh. The Little Egrets I see lately seem a bit more easily spooked than in past years and this impression gained on me later when two more Little Egrets were spooked from near Pilling Water by a lone walker. In previous years I have been able to get reasonably close to Little Egrets, but not now. Maybe they know I have a new camera but I would be interested to hear others experience.

There was also a Kingfisher at Fluke which flew around the pool a couple of times before going quiet.

Autumn has definitely arrived when Meadow Pipits begin to appear and this morning I heard the familiar calls before finding four together with two Wheatears on the rocks west of Fluke Hall. Along Fluke Hall Lane a lone Jay moved warily through the hawthorns and willows before finding some thicker cover in a garden further along the lane. Another sign of autumn came in the form of a flock of 30ish Tree Sparrows sticking to the hedge along the lane.

More Meadow Pipits at Lane Ends but only three, with no signs of “mipit vis mig” here or at Fluke Hall. In amongst the morass of Mallards on the pool were two Little Grebe and somewhere in the trees a Great-spotted Woodpecker “chicked”. I heard Jay call then sure enough two flew together from the area of the car park into the denser trees.

A chap just beat me along the wall towards Pilling but ahead of him I saw the two Little Egrets come off the pool and disappear into the ditches behind HiFly’s trees. I found a couple more Wheatears on the stony banks together with half a dozen Pied Wagtails.

No fresh pics today so I’ll sign off with a garden photo of a nice common bird Collared Dove and some new photographs in the right hand column.

I’m hoping that Cockersands shot is good enough to make a guest appearance on PW's


Pete Woodruff said...

Keeping up to date with your blog Phil and always on the look out for decent pics for Birds2blog but I'm quite aggressive when it comes to choosing suitable material......Er-hum!!

The ones on the right are too small and if theres a way for me to 'enlarge' them on my computer I don't know it.

Phil said...

I agree it may not be up to pics2 blog but I'll send you a big version for you to play around with and hopefully it's good enough

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