Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Monday Morn

Monday 8 July and an early Barn Owl did not hang around and anyway I was on the way to meet with Andy at 0630 at a ringing site out Pilling Way. 

Barn Owl
A more than average morning ensued in the way of 29 birds caught – 26 new and 3 recaptures. The morning showed evidence of post breeding arrivals of both adults and juveniles from the site itself and with arrivals of species not seen here in 2024 until now. Yes, July is Bird Autumn UK when post breeding activity and dispersal points to the beginning of true migration quite soon. 

As can be seen in these few photographs, of the 29 birds caught almost every one displayed signs of moult, post juvenile or adult post-breeding shedding and regrowth. 

Reed Warbler 19 (16 new and 3 recaptures from this year. 
Sedge Warbler 1 
Blackcap 2 - a male and a female both in breeding condition, the male heard in song near our mist nets. Chiffchaff 2 juveniles of this year. 
Goldfinch 2 – a male and a female side by side in a mist net. 
A single adult Lesser Whitethroat was in pretty heavy moult, too scruffy a look to display here,  
Wren 2. 

Reed Warbler




This was a morning of hidden arrival as opposed to visible movement of birds above our watch and ringing station, a shelf of the Picasso hatchback containing rings and ringing equipment. 

A large and partly stooping Peregrine came to our attention thanks to a bunch of ever vigilant crows. Otherwise a few croaking egrets and a handful of Swallows feeding across nearby fields.  The loss of our once numerous Swallows is a national catastrophe that no one seems able or willing to tackle. I now have maybe one or two places where there is a chance of photographing a Swallow. 

Peregrine Falcon

Swallow 2024
We heard news of a Sand Martin we ringed at Cockerham last August, a “3J”, the input code for a bird of the year in question. 

Ringed at the quarry site 19 July 2023, ALJ4229 was found dying on May 29 2024 at Pennyghael, Isle of Mull, Argyll and Bute. A sad end to a couple of spectacular journeys. The finder reported the martin as a "swallow" - sadly the Average Joe does not know common British birds.

Sand Martin ALJ4229

Sand Martin ALJ4229

3J Sand Martin

Gone Birding

Back Soon Everyone.



Diane said...

Wow it looks like you had a great day and successful ringing. If I had just seen the Barn Owl and the Peregrine my day would have been made 😊
Happy ringing and I hope the weather improves. Cheers Diane

Fun60 said...

What a brilliant photo of the peregrine.

Wally Jones said...

It is still amazing to observe the subtle changes in the cycle of nature, such as bird migration. Here we are in summer and signs of impending migration are already visible, as you illustrate in this post.

For us, that point was underscored yesterday as we spotted a dozen normally Swallow-tailed Kites swirling high above a lake where we have seen them roost in past years. Another few weeks and they'll head for Argentina.

Congratulations on having what sounds to this ignoramus like a very good ringing day. I'm wondering if any cause has been determined for the dwindling Swallow population? My inner optimist hopes perhaps they have simply adjusted their flight routes and haven't yet been discovered. Sigh, if only.

In other news, Gini's recovery is going well. Except for her unwillingness to believe she cannot return to her regular active schedule just because some pipsqueak heart doctor says she must behave. Good luck with that, Doc.

Our birding and nature exploration schedule is on hiatus until healing is complete. No matter how much She whines.

I tried to understand your recent U.K. elections and am not sure whether to cry, rejoice or continue to be thankful we reside in the Colonies. Oh, wait. I have the same issues with our own politics.

Keep Calm And Go Birding

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely sightings.
My favourites are the Barn Owl and Peregrine Falcon.

LOL at the cartoon :)

All the best Jan

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