Thursday, June 11, 2020


And now for the worst TV advert of 2020. 

Why is this woman talking about Cuckoos from her childhood when the bird song in the advert is a Chiffchaff that sounds nothing like a Cuckoo?

Come on Nationwide, don’t take us all for mugs. At least dub the sound of a Cuckoo over the film and tell us about your savings accounts instead of virtue signalling about coronavirus.
Nationwide Building Society is a mutual building society, also known as a ‘mutual’. Put simply it means the society is owned and run for the benefit of their members.

Their Chief Executive Joe Garner was paid a total of £2.37 million in 2019 and he would like you to put your hard earned cash into a Nationwide ISA account that pays out the magnificent sum of 0.5% interest. That’s right, put £100 into their fixed one year ISA and you will receive a whole 50p in interest.
Now that is cuckoo.


eileeninmd said...


Your Cuckoo is a beautiful bird, great video. It does not sound anything like the Cuckoo I hear here. Have a happy day!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

This post has cheered me up.

Stevenson Q said...

This gave me a good laugh my friend Phil! Bad bad for them using a different bird sound and thinking they can get away with it. It's amazing that you can discern the differences between birds not just by the looks but also by their songs! i really admire your knowledge and interests in our winged friends :)

Sending you hugs this coming weekend Phil! And I'm happy my personal blog is back again :)

Mike Attwood said...

I have been considering lending my money to someone else. I now have made up my mind. Thanks Phil. Stay safe. Mike.

Roy the birder said...

Just seen the Nationwide advert. She's speaks so earnestly about the Cuckoo of her childhood. While the bird singing in the background is a Chiffchaff. Mind you its been a while since I've heard a Cuckoo...

Wally Jones said...

About a hundred years ago, on Saturday afternoons, I could be found with my brother and sisters in front of the television set. "Tarzan The Ape Man" held our attention and the huge oak trees in our yard were festooned with vines suitable for swinging and yelling like Tarzan.

In the background of elephant and chimpanzee noise, the movie soundtrack always played the maniacal laugh of that most famous of African birds: the Kookaburra. Hah!

Marketers and movie-makers are apparently as "Cuckoo" as ever.

Rhodesia said...

LOL Phil thanks for the laugh, so funny. My FIL has money in NW!!!!!! This has cheered me up no end after a horrible wet and windy day.

The owls are on the blog, all Googles fault they took so long!!
Have a good weekend and stay safe. Diane

The Padre said...

Too Funny - Thanx For That


Chris H said...

A few years ago I wrote to Pets at Home about their tubs of fat balls featuring - wait for it - a Swallow on the label. This fat ball munching species is well known for its ability to mimic Blue Tits, in fact as I sit here my garden feeders are alive with hirundines swarming onto loads of balls. Which basically is what the label was. I did make the letter jokey and to their credit, they changed the label - and sent me a voucher for another load of balls.

What chance NW doing something similar for dear old Joy. Bless her. Perhaps they could treat her to a CD of bird songs - and get one for their marketing people too!

EricaSta said...

Thank you for sharing. Wonderful bird!

Stay healthy.

NCSue said...

That's interesting - the only cuckoos I've heard are clocks!
Thanks for linking up at

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

thank you for making me smile - love the song

Karen said...

That's funny. She's koo koo.

Tanza Erlambang said...

thank you for sharing video...great

Shailesh Patel said...

What i could hear on the background was a Chiffchaff singing. No cuckoo. So either i am going cuckoo or she is.

Coast Path Liz said...

"The cuckoo comes in Aoril
It sings its song in May
In leafy June it changes its tune
In July it flies away."

The cuckoos I have known started singing late April/early May. 'The second week of lockdown' sounds a bit previous! Maybe that's why it had it throat problems!

Coast Path Liz said...

"The cuckoo comes in April
It sings its song in May
In leafy June
It changes its tune
In July it flies away "

The cuckoos I have known started singing late April/early May.
'The second week of lockdown' sounds a bit previous.
Perhaps that is why it had throat problems!

Lowcarb team member said...

Interest rates these days are diabolical!

This post did make me smile and I read it out to Eddie too, he enjoyed your narrative :)

All the best Jan

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