Wednesday, July 3, 2019

One Each

The Sand Martin Saga continues. 

Even though our catches this year have been very poor, we don’t give up that easily. So I met Andy today for another go at the Sand Martins that live on the high cliffs of Cockerham Quarry. We thought there to be less martins today - c250 compared with our last visit of 23 June when we counted about 400 birds and caught five. 

It could be that some have left already as Sand Martins are known to use different colonies in the same season. This happens often due to the transient, almost temporary nature of many colony sites which may deteriorate through erosion and other weather factors, or even via ground predators like Badgers destroying the tunnels.  

Also, previous studies have shown that both adults and juveniles regularly visit colonies other than their own, especially during post-breeding and post-fledging. Adults may breed at different colonies in the same season. 

Our two birds today were both juveniles, so we ringed one each but we couldn't tempt any more to the nets. 

Sand Martin - juvenile 

On the way home I stopped to photograph young Swallows. 





There’s more ringing and more birds news on Friday.


Jenn Jilks said...

It is wonderful seeing them up close!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Hello Phil: No one ever said that banding Sand Martins would be easy, and I guess you just proved the point. i suspect, however, that even with only two you have surpassed the total for most of us. I will look forward to more news on Friday as promised.

JP A Quiet Corner said...

Tiny little whippersnappers, aren't they?....)jp

italiafinlandia said...

They are charming birds...and fascinating for their flying ability!
It was lovely to see your great shots!

Rhodesia said...

Sounds like banding sand Martins is a lot more difficult! You are lucky to see swallows I have no idea what has happened to 'ours' this year they never arrived! Have a good day and take care, Diane

Tanza Erlambang said...

juvenile swallows look so cute...

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Delightful little birds

NCSue said...

Fascinating seeing birds from across the pond!
Thanks for sharing at

Angie said...

Phil - those young swallows are adorable. I thought about you today when passing some large cliffs with martin holes - they were busy feeding along the river where we were kayaking!

Suzy said...

The baby swallows are so sweet. Lovely pics.

dropping by from the Image-in-ing linkup

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