Monday, April 29, 2019

Comedy Gold

I am grateful to my pal who sent me a catalogue of messages from North West Birding Whatsapp. The messages summarise the fun and otherwise surrounding the appearance of a Hoopoe on 27th April 2019.


From Wiki - “The Eurasian Hoopoe is widespread in Europe, Asia, and North Africa and northern Sub-Saharan Africa.”

The Hoopoe is indeed very, very common in the region of the Mediterranean Sea in countries like France and Spain where it can be easily seen in towns, villages, gardens and parks. It is also an annual and regular visitor to the UK, mostly in spring and autumn with sporadic breeding records. 


From Whatsapp: To save any embarrassment, names and phone numbers have been omitted from the messages.

  • 20:50, 4/27/2019 - Reports on RBA (Rare Bird Alert) of Hoopoe in Charnock Richard at 8.20pm 
  • 10:48, 4/28/2019 - Hoopoe Charnock Richard. Mate of mine has some great pics just waiting to see where it is. 
  • 10:50, 4/28/2019 - Location has been taken off the public domain and please not shared due to trespassing on the farmer's land. 
  • 10:50, 4/28/2019 - Church Lane Charnock Richard. 
  • 12:39, 4/28/2019 - Hoopoe still present but being disturbed by photographers!!! 
  • 12:43, 4/28/2019 - Birders or photographers? 
  • 12:50,4/28/2019 - What a surprise... sounds same as the blyths earlier in the year.... 
  • 12:50, 4/28/2019 - Toggers? 
  • 12:52, 4/28/2019 - I posted the comment as advice for anyone else visiting, not for discussion. Remember this is a sightings page which I had posted. Thanks. 
  • 16:01, 4/28/2019 - Any news on hoopoe please 
  • 16:36, 4/28/2019- Hoopoe in fields on north side of church lane with sheep west of church 
  • 16:41, 4/28/2019 - Is there somewhere to view from? 
  • 16:44, 4/28/2019 - There is a small memorial garden. Can be seen by looking through the far trees 
  • 16:44, 4/28/2019 - Thanks 
  • 17:29, 4/28/2019 - Hoopoe showing well from private garden Charnock Richard at 17.15 
  • 17:32, 4/28/2019 - Are we allowed to know where exactly or is that against the owner’s wishes? 
  • 17:59, 4/28/2019 - I spoke to the young lad from the farm and he said that he had to get the police yesterday as people were refusing to land his field until they got a photo. So guess he's not that happy 
  • 18:02, 4/28/2019 - Ok, so best not to report it anymore please. 
  • 18:24, 4/28/2019 - It was the young farmer (Dan) who took me into his garden to see bird. A chap was arrested yesterday for refusing to leave field where pregnant ewes were spooked. His issue is trespassing - not folk birding from footpaths etc. 
  • 18:31 4/28/2019 - That would be aggravated trespass, which has fine of £200-300 for 1st offence, up to 3 months subsequent offence. And a crim record. Just for a pic 
  • 18:33, 4/28/2019 - Name and shame the clown. 
  • 18:34, 4/28/2019 - He's been arrested. That's surely enough? Can we not leave this group for sightings alone? 
  • 18:35, 4/28/2019 - Here here (sic) zap 😴 
  • 18:35, 4/28/2019 - Here here (sic) 
  • 18:38, 4/28/2019 - No further discussion on the Hoopoe in Lancs please. If you decide to go for it please observe the birders (sic) code of conduct the countryside code of conduct and the law.

April 29th and all seems to be quiet on the Hoopoe front. Welcome to the world of twitching.


David M. Gascoigne, said...

Ah the wonderful world of twitching, all made even easier with all these new aps. It makes me twitch just thinking about the idiotic nature of rabid listing, and as for trespass and the refusal to leave someone's property, I hope they throw the book at him. Apart from the specifics of this situation, it would be an act of simple courtesy not to have trespassed in the first place. Have a great time in the Med - where I suspect you may see a Hoopoe or two, without the need to do anything offensive at all.

eileeninmd said...


I would love to see the Hoopoe myself some day. They are cool looking birds.
People that trespass only make it hard for the birders that follow the rules.
Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.

italiafinlandia said...

How I envy seeing this graceful bird and all that fun...!

Rhodesia said...

I just do not understand people, I am sure I could find so much more around here but I will not trespass on people property. If my French was a lot better I might do better and be able to ask, sadly it is not! I hope you get to see the Hoopoe on your travels.
Also, when will people learn to keep their pets in check. My SIL who is in the UK in Wiltshire looking after her father, has been excitedly watching a pair of robins building their nest in the hedge. The neighbour's cat has killed them both 😡
Have a good week, Diane

NCSue said...

They're almost comical to look at but they fascinate me. I've never seen one "in the flesh" (or "in the feather").
Thanks for sharing at

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Fun reading about a really beautiful bird.

Photo Cache said...

Beautiful bird.

Worth a Thousand Words

Lowcarb team member said...

Beautiful photographs of the Hoopoe.

… enjoy these last few days of April.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello again Phil
I've just been on David's blog and see you are off to the Med at the end of the week.
Have a lovely trip.

All the best Jan

Lady Fi said...

Amazing looking bird! Great shots.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Yes like David said - Throw the book at those that trespass

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I am not a bird observer but I would very much like to see a Hoopoe. (Promise not to endanger sheep.)

colleen said...

That's a new one on me! I bird watch in Virginia and think of the neighborhood birds at my feeder as my pets!

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I've never seen a hoopoe. What an unusual bird! Your photos are gorgeous.
My post features tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Angie said...

Ah, the unintended consequences of social media - they ARE social! It would be amusing if it wasn't also annoying and perhaps illegal … Enjoy your upcoming trip!

Adam Jones said...

Sadly this is such a common feature these days of almost all rare sightings. Someone always goes too far or oversteps the mark when it comes to viewing sensibly. Very frustrating and very selfish of those individuals. It spoils it for everyone else who otherwise could enjoy decent prolonged views. Very soon things will only get reported publicly once the bird has safely moved on. Such a shame. Great pictures by the way.

Tanza Erlambang said...

Hoopoe looks unique and beautiful....
Take care

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