Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Picture Menorca

Another Bird Blog is still in Menorca. Here are more Menorca birds and Menorca scenes until I’m home.

Fornells - Menorca


Audouin's Gull

Blue Rock Thrush

Spotted Flycatcher

Menorca sweets

Cap de Cavalerria


Red-backed Shrike

Tawny Pipit

Menorca Donkeys

Booted Eagle

Woodchat Shrike


Menorca Farm

Sardinian Warbler

Menorca Sunset

Many Thanks for your visit and comments. I’ll catch up with you quite soon. 


TexWisGirl said...

lovely birds! the donkeys made me smile. :)

David Gascoigne said...

After all this fun, sun and over-indulgence I can only hope that the cold breezes coming off the coastal waters of North Britain will bring you back to reality in a hurry!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Phil, Awesome photos from Menorca. I just love the Hoopoe, Spotted Flycatcher, Shrike and the cute Stonechat.. Gorgeous birds! The sunset is lovely too, enjoy your trip!

Linda said...

Phil, your photos are, as always, such a joy and beauty to behold. The birds, the food, and I can't begin to tell you how much I love donkeys, so your photo of the donkeys have made my day extra special. Thank you!

Chris Rohrer said...

Gods, Menorca has some great birds. Love the Sardine Warbler:) Osprey are everywhere aren't they? Most interesting to me is that Booted Eagle. It looks more like a hawk and yet....Have fun! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Russell Jenkins said...

What a feast of pictures, Phil. Love the Booted Eagle, the donkeys and the sweets. It feels like a real adventure.

Germán Ibarra Zorrilla said...

Que lujo el águila pescadora, que cerca la tuviste. Excelente reportaje Phil. Un fuerte abrazo.

Mary Cromer said...

Those Donkeys are just too sweet, the Stonechat is brilliant, the Shrikes wonderful, that farm, oh so beautiful, the sweets, now you did not get any of that sugar sweetness, did you ;). It all looks very grand and so many lovely birds and landscapes. Have fun these final days in Menorca~

Silver Parrot said...

What wonderful photos - looks like an absolutely marvelous place. I'm partial to the hoopoe (such an amazing headdress) and the stone chat.

Gunilla Bäck said...

Wonderful birds. I love the donkeys and the sunset is gorgeous.

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