Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pilling Circus

Pilling wasn't too productive yesterday but I thought to give it another go in the hope that the Marsh Harrier might show again, especially after overnight downpours probably influenced the bird to stay around. 

On Wednesday the harrier was out beyond the tide line halfway to Heysham, today a little closer but still miles away. It stayed high, drifting and circling to the west in the direction of Knott End and Fleetwood where some other birder would surely see it a few minutes later. This species, Circus aeruginosus, wherever I see it in the world is a real bogey bird as far as my photographs go, today's effort as poor as ever and yet another "record" shot.

Marsh Harrier

The harrier interrupted my attempts to get photos of Skylarks feeding their second (or third) brood. The adults were dropping to different spots in some long grasses and by the size and quantity of the grubs they carried it was clear the youngsters were out of the nest. 



The high tide produced a few bits and pieces but mostly my sightings proved unremarkable again. A few waders arrived with the incoming tide – 60+ Lapwing, 22+ Dunlin, 10 Knot, 8 Redshank, 2 Snipe, 1 Common Sandpiper, 12 Oystercatcher and 300+ Curlew. Curlew numbers build rapidly here once the breeding season is over, so while 300 is a good number the final autumn and winter total will be many more. 


Three Grey Heron again today and rather surprisingly, a zero count of Little Egret at this their Over Wyre stronghold and nearby roost site at Lane Ends. 14 Shelduck and 3 Great Crested Grebe on the full tide as 4 Common Terns came in from the west, headed east to Cockerham and then disappeared from view. 

Small numbers of Swift, Swallow, Linnet, Goldfinch and even Greenfinch completed the picture for another day. 

Don't forget, "click the pics" for a close up view and come back soon.


Wally Jones said...

From the color pattern of the Harrier, I'm guessing it's a male?

Great close-up of the Snipe!

I hope to be on the coast in a few days and will be struggling to identify shorebirds. I need a lot of practice before our fall migrants begin arriving with their confusing mix of breeding and winter plumages!

Phil- hope your weekend is a good one!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

HI Phil Good selection of birds and wonderful that you saw the Harrier. Best shot is the Snipe. Margaret

Carole M. said...

well I'm loving the skylarks obviously taking home plenty of good tucker for their young ones. Also the Sniper; great pics from you Phil

eileeninmd said...

Phil, I love your Harrier shot and the skylark with the mouthful. And one of my favorite birds, is the Snipe! Wonderful photos, have a happy weekend!

Wiesław Zięba said...

Interesting are your birds. What I like most lark.

Isidro Ortiz said...

Buenas capturas.Un abrazo

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Hmm, I just sent a comment and got a weird pop-up. Can you e-mail me if you received my comment, or not, for this post Phil? Thank you~

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