Tuesday, February 5, 2013

News On The Rocks

A quick visit to the feeding staion today relocated the Chaffinches, about 60+ of them together with 5+ Bramblings, although in the raging wind I couldn't find more than 2 Reed Bunting and 20 Goldfinch. A couple of the feeders were half full, probably as a result of the wind emptying the contents rather than any Goldfinches. Looks like the wind may subside later in the week allowing me to do a spot of ringing.

I haven’t quite finished with Fuerteventura, and during the currently wet and wintry weather, combined with the lack of local news and pictures, I’m posting mop-up pictures from the holiday of 12th to 26th January. As the post title implies, these pictures were taken along the rocky shores close to Costa Calma. 

There was a Greenshank around for a day or two, an individual that allowed a slightly closer approach than the wary birds we see in the UK. 




Ringed Plovers were sometimes around but never particularly accommodating. 

Ringed Plover

Daily stars were the Sanderlings and Turnstones, in some spots the birds had become almost totally fearless of man. 




One or two Whimbrels could be seen most days. More Whimbrel pictures soon when Another Bird Blog will devote a full post to the species based on a number of pictures. 


The Common Sandpipers I saw were just as wary as our UK ones, never allowing a close approach. 

Common Sandpiper

Here’s a Fuerteventura rarity, an Oystercatcher, quite a way from its normal range.  It was just a single bird seen on one day and not a very good picture into the sun. 


It wasn’t all waders on the rocks. The Spanish Sparrows used the shore too, but just for a change on a foreign holiday, I didn't see any House Sparrows.

Spanish Sparrow

Yellow-legged Gull

Here's the Raven stealing monkey nuts from the ground squirrels.


Barbary Ground Squirrel

There's much more about Whimbrels soon from Another Bird Blog. Stay tuned to read all about it. 


Isidro Ortiz said...

Excelentes capturas Phil.Un abrazo

Findlay Wilde said...

I really, really enjoyed trying to name all the birds in this post, but the Yellow Legged Gull caught me out. From Findlay

grammie g said...

Hey Phil...Show of all those lovely shore birds now to make me jealous of you holiday(as you UK'er call it..to us it is a vaca or vacation) ; ))
All those lovely warm beaches and birds : ))!
This is fine set of photos, very nice!! The Spanish Sparrow is different!!
Thanks for the news on the rocks!!
I hope it is cold there lol!!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!.. I love spanish sparrow.. Congrats and regards..

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Phil, your bird shots are so amazing. Always an impressive set. Kudos!

Choy Wai Mun said...

A very nice collection of waders, Phil. Well done.

Wally Jones said...

When I saw your first vacation post and the photos of the environment I thought it looked a bit desolate. (Great place for humans to rest!)
But you managed quite a variety of birds! Good show!

Pam ;) said...

Shore birds are my favorite birds to watch and photograph. Great captures, Phil.

eileeninmd said...

Great collection of birds, Phil! The shorebird shots are awesome. Love the cute Plover. I can not wait for spring to start seeing more of our waders and shorebirds. Awesome photos and a great post!

Carole M. said...

I really enjoyed seeing the waders; fabulous photographs

Mary Howell Cromer said...

The Spanish Sparrow and the Turnstone, would be my favorites of this gorgeous lot...love those legs and assorted beaks of those amazing shorebirds.

TexWisGirl said...

fabulous series again...

Linda said...

Hi Phil,

Love your photos! I have never seen a squirrel like the one you have here.

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