Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wow - Double Figures

Out on Rawcliffe Moss I’d gone out with the intention of birding only but decided to put up a couple of nets when after looking and listening for a while I thought there might be a few more birds about than of late. 

In recent months it’s quite an achievement to get into double figures for a ringing session and I managed that today, but only just. 12 new birds of three species caught – 7 Whitethroat, 4 Chaffinch and 1 Willow Warbler. Six of the Whitethroats proved to be juveniles, the seventh bird an adult. 

At this time of year adults are easily determined by the amount of wear in the plumage, especially those feathers that do a lot of work and/or are more exposed to the light, like the primary feathers in the third picture below. 

Whitethroat - juvenile

 Whitethroat - juvenile

Whitethroat - adult

Today’s juvenile Willow Warbler proved to be a very yellowish example. 

Willow Warbler - juvenile

It was good to start catching autumn Chaffinches again – here’s hoping for a couple of hundred during August, September and October. 


Not a lot to report on the birding front – a minimum of 15 Whitethroats present including those ringed, 4+ Willow Warbler and 1 Garden Warbler. Approximately 140 Swallows and 15 House Martins feeding over a rough grass/thistle field, a combination of local birds and other arriving from the north during the morning, plus a minimum of 8 Swifts over and heading south in a couple of hours. 4+ Siskin over and heading south at early doors, as distinct from 30+ Goldfinch dispersing from a local roost at a similar time. The roost may also involve Chaffinches as the four caught were on first and second checks of the nets. 

Still singing Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting and Corn Bunting, 2 Kestrel and 2 Buzzard completed the picture. 


Stay tuned for more news soon from Another Bird Blog.


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Your knowledge of birds is astounding. Love all the photos!

Rohrerbot said...

Love that Kestrel! And I agree with Gail's comment.....your posts make me smarter:)

madibirder said...

Hi Phil,
Been pretty tied up with other things, so I'm just trying to catch up on things. London must be very crowded with the Olympics going on but I guess it is still ok on your side of the world.
Interesting comparison between the adult/ juve Whitethroats? Enjoy your summer.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

What a lovely Kestrel! It is always so nice readin about the birds that you handle and always with such care. Their feathers, their wings, priceless treasures~

Stewart M said...

Cant say that I would recommend bird photography in a wet suit - my success rate is running at about 10% (I did manage a worthwhile shot of a gannet once!)

The wear on the adult feathers is quiet clear to see - we get a similar pattern on waders.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful! love the bee eaters in your header! wow!

eileeninmd said...

Phil, they are all beautiful birds. The juvie whitethroat is cute. The kestrel shot is awesome. Great shots, have a wonderful weekend.

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