Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Harrier Again

Looks like the Hoopoes will have to wait again as there is a spot of local news to relay via Another Bird Blog. If I don’t do it I’ll be accused of withholding information or being a miserable bugger - as if. 

I snuck off from babysitting with a two hour pass and hit the trail to Pilling again. Amazing that just like yesterday as I set a Wheatear trap the waders were kicking off again over the other side of the sea wall. Unlike yesterday the object of their attention this time was not a Montagu’s but a Marsh Harrier, heading west towards Fluke Hall. I watched it all the way to Fluke and returned to the traps where 2 Wheatears awaited me, a fine male and a female which looked suspiciously like yesterday’s one. I think today’s photo of a harrier pursued by Lapwings would make a good entry for a Mystery Bird Competition rather than Bird Photo of The Year. 

Marsh Harrier & Lapwing

Both Wheatears carried large amounts of fat, each scoring 50 on a scale of 0 to 50. Wing lengths: male 107mm female 101mm. The Wheatears still have a long way to go before their final destination, Iceland, the Faroes or maybe crossing the entire Atlantic to Greenland itself. 

 Male Wheatear

 Male Wheatear

Female Wheatear

Two hours soon goes when you’re having fun and finding birds. Hoopoes Soon.


mick said...

Very interesting to see the Harrier chased by Lapwings. The close-up photos are beautiful.

eileeninmd said...

Cool seeing the harrier being chased. The Lapwings are brave. Birding outing do seem to make the day go by quickly. Wonderful post and photos, Phil!

NatureStop said...

Nice post!Thanks for sharing!Have a great day.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Lapwings must be brave birds to chase the Harrier, very cool! The male Wheatear images Phil are splendid!

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