Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some You Win

I’m afraid this will be my only post for a while since my PC expired and I struggle to do this on a tiny unfamiliar mouseless laptop to which I have just loaded Word, Photoshop, my EOS software and a few photos from today.

We checked out some nests today at Rawcliffe, namely Whitethroat, Willow Warbler and Kestrel. The Kestrel were fine, too fine in fact as when Will climbed up to the nest three of the five young promptly disappeared to the back of the tree hole and out of arms reach. From the outside the hole looked quite small but once inside the cavity was enormous allowing the young to back off into the dark corners and out of harm’s way. I think we got the two extremes of sizes with a runt bird which was still big and healthy enough to ring, but also a quite large youngster which although still downy, at least resembled a Kestrel.

The Tree Minus One


I think we will go back soon and climb the tree as quietly as possible in an attempt to ring the other chicks before they retreat into the tree recesses again.

The Whitethroat nest from last week was still active just 18” from our path through the plantation, and we ringed 5 tightly packed young which were at an ideal age.

Whitethroat Nest


Just yards away also next to our path, the Willow Warblers weren’t so lucky with only two young and two unhatched eggs in the nest. I’d seen a pair of Sedge Warblers moving about near a small hawthorn so we went to check it out, and after a minute or two found the tightly woven empty nest. The young had fledged quite recently and both adults still fed the young close to the nest.

Things didn’t improve much when by watching their comings and goings we found a Goldfinch nest in a hawthorn just yards from our car parking spot along a path well trodden by ourselves in recent weeks. All the activity was due again to the adults feeding recently fledged nestlings. As birders we really must try to be more observant!


I must get my PC sorted asap. Wish me luck, I’ll need it, as this post took me at least two hours and I'm ready to throw the laptop through the window.


James said...

Good luck getting the PC sorted!

Pete Woodruff said...

Sorry to hear you may be out of commission PC wise and hope you get it sorted soon. Meanwhile, careful of the withdrawal symptoms which can be unpleasant.

Hope to 'bump into you soon' as a long time no see Phil.

Errol said...

Come on, Phil, about time you emptied those deep pockets! And don't be a 'cheap skate'. ATB until we hear from you again --- soon!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

All very nice, yet that little Kestrel is quite the little beauty!

Stu said...

Get a Mac, you know you want to.............

Tabib said...

Buy one big mouse for better handing!

Richard King said...

One of the most horrible things to happen in this modern age is when your PC dies. My hard-drive just died one day for no reason last year. I had it set up just the way I wanted. Damn it! Good luck with the new one.

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