Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green And Red

I don’t have much of an update today despite my walk and wander down Pilling way, so a quick post is in order, plus soon we head off to the revamped Seven Stars for pub grub and a non-driving pint of the best, so time is of the essence.

Lane Ends has 4 singing Willow Warbler, but the Sedge Warbler of recent days would appear to have moved on, replaced now by the more usual Reed Warbler singing very loudly below the sea wall against the bluster of a north west wind. For just a second there, and back in the Med, I tried to convince myself it was a Great Reed Warbler, but no, it certainly wasn’t that loud.

That Redshank continues with surprises as it left the nest at the very last second of my walk a couple of yards away to reveal four eggs. If they continue sitting so tight for the next 25 days in the face of constant foot traffic nearby they could leave me with the egg on my face. I guess the moral is never to underestimate a bird’s determination to breed.

Redshank Nest

On the roadside fields I counted four Lapwing chicks, the two now very large ones of last week, and two more from another successful pair that hid from me in recent times.

At Pilling Water small parties of 20 Ringed Plover and 35 Dunlin moved about with the incoming tide, and a single Greenshank, almost outnumbered the marsh breeding Redshank. A pair of Meadow Pipit continue in their breeding attempt but despite not allowing me to find their nest, I did get a reasonable picture today.



Meadow Pipit

I did say it wasn’t much of a post, but as compensation here’s a picture of a Spotted Flycatcher, back in the Fylde in better numbers this year, and a totally unrelated picture of Cattle Egret that may come in useful if the wind turns southerly this week and the late May/early June unexpected turns up

Spotted Flycatcher

Cattle Egret


NicoleB said...

That Cattle Egret just makes me laugh. They are so beautiful and hilarious at the same time in their summer plumage :D

Love the Shanks and Pipits too.

I think that was a lovely walk there :)

Wishing all the Breeders best of Luck :)

I still haven't figured out why so many of the birds that supposedly don't breed here are still here. Maybe I'll figure it out one day ;)
(Since I am not getting very much of a response of the so called specialists, mpf.....)

Mary Howell Cromer said...

You always write very well with your narrative and your images are always a welcome sight~ Happy Weekend~

Tabib said...

Looks that Cattle Egret is suffering a skin problems at her neck. :)
Love that!.

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