Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to The Woolly Hat

The wind changed last evening and overnight, as it went more westerly on isobars that originated from Iceland or thereabouts. No great shakes one might say, and although it was a bright sunny start I didn’t see much in the way of obvious migration despite keeping a look out for one of the Alpine Swifts that are in the country; the only thing alpine was the temperature at 7am as I donned my woolly hat again.

Alpine Swift

I thought it too chilly to catch Wheatears with cold, lethargic meal worms so I made my way up to good old Conder Green in the hope of a few waders on the pool or in the creek. No luck, apart from the resident "shanks", 1 each of Greenshank and Spotted Redshank plus 13 common Redshank together with 24 Oystercatchers but no spring Little Ringed Plover or Avocet to vary my list.



Spotted Redshank

In the way of wildfowl were still 15 Teal, 6 Tufted Duck and 4 Shelduck. Odds and sods came in at 1 Grey Heron, 2 Reed Bunting, 3 Meadow Pipits, a couple of Skylarks and a couple of Greenfinch.

As the air warmed a little I drove back to Lane Ends where I could walk my walk. Still lots of Pink-footed Goose, similar to yesterday so I estimated 2000+ and I guess they might delay a move back north just yet with the promise of April snow nest week. At Pilling Water I found a single Wheatear which may have been a left over from yesterday as it ignored my meal worm offering and scooted off towards Fluke Hall. I beat the dog walkers to be first there this morning, so early as to see about 135 Redshank roosting on the pool, together with a couple of Oystercatchers, 4 Shelduck and a passing Kestrel that stopped by briefly.



There was little in the way of passerine activity but I did note displaying, paired Meadow Pipits, three singing Skylarks, 2 “albas” and an overflying Siskin. After a while the clouds and cool returned so I packed up the spring traps for another day, perhaps towards the end of next week if the forecasters are correct.


Phil said...
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i beati said...

splendid array sandy

Snap said...

Lovely shots. I love shore birds. the kestrel is special!

Michael said...

Good stuff. Love the waders.

S.C.E. said...

Nice wader shots, we won't seen any until May probably.

We had nasty weather this weekend too. It snowed heavily and was about minus 7 last night here in south Hokkaido,can't believe it's 'spring'.

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