Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Wildfowl

I didn’t get out this morning but I am posting some wildfowl pictures from Sunday afternoon when I grabbed a few hours birding after the morning mist and murk lifted, but I didn’t see a lot apart from lots of Lapwing, Curlew and Redshank along Fluke Hall way. The highlight was a single Ruff in a muddy puddle with Lapwing, perhaps one of the two I found last week, then later a fast flying Barn Owl on Pilling Moss being harried by a Carrion Crow. Best shot I could get I’m afraid. The technical term for this is "record shot". But at least I know where to park my car next time after I weighed up its hunting circuit.

Barn Owl

Being Over Wyre in mid-winter there were plenty of wildfowl around at the weekend, and also lots of birders looking for and at them. Paul sent me some pictures that he took of a Dark-bellied Brent Goose at Copthorne that was hanging around with feral Greylag Geese; plus Bewick’s Swans at Thurnham, and Whooper Swans also at Thurnham.

Dark-bellied Brent Goose & Greylag Goose

Bewick’s Swan

Whooper Swan

I did grab these next few pictures,Eiders at Knott End and more Whooper Swans, these at Fluke Hall Lane, part of the huge flock of 250+ seen recently.



Whooper Swan


martesorex said...

I want to see Barn Owl and Eider.
These are very rare species in Japan.

S.C.E. said...

Some nice species there.........I haven't seen Eider since I was last at Walney Island in 2002.........

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