Monday, January 11, 2010

More Thrush Pictures

A definite thaw today and by 4pm most of the previous days snow had gone, just leaving slippery pedestrian paths. So in between babysitting here’s a few more pictures I dug out of garden birds at the weekend.

The first two are dedicated to my ringing colleague Fernando down in sunny Spain who is a great fan of Turdus philomelus.

Song Thrush

Song Thrush

While it took three weeks of cold and ice for a Song Thrush to appear, the Mistle Thrush appeared on a few occasions, especially the coldest morning when it appeared to be well insulated against the frost whilst impersonating a Lars Jonsonn sketch.

Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush

A Redwing put in a brief appearance before being chased off by the increasingly confident Fieldfare. I’m afraid this is the best picture I could get from the quick visit.


I did notice a lot of standing around on one leg or switching of legs on the cold ground as an added insulation or keeping warm technique. That Song Thrush looks strangely like a fluffed out lollipop!


Song Thrush


But later, the Fieldfare didn’t take kindly to a Blackbird looking for a bite of the apple.

Fieldfare versus Blackbird


S.C.E. said...

Some great shots there, especially the last one...............

Brian Rafferty said...

Phil. A very nice selection of thrushes in your garden and some nice images. I particularly like the one legged thrush.

Birdringal-andalus said...

Dear Phil, would give half my kingdom for a piece of your garden ...
Lovely pictures, thank you for your courtesy.
Your friend Fernando

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