Friday, October 30, 2009

Beach Patrol

I had to go shopping yesterday to Aldi - Slide Scanners for £40 so I waited in the queue at 9am with another 6 or 8 hopefuls. I managed to get a scanner so watch this space for a few old pics and an episode of "All Our Yesterdays".

So while in Fleetwood I trotted on down to Rossall to try my luck on the beach. No need for captions here, just well known birds in their environment and a change from birds in the hand. More than one person has said to me in the past "You can't be a ringer and a birder". I beg to differ.

I got back home to find my Internet down, woe is me, but I'm up and running now.

1 comment:

Brian Rafferty said...

Phil. Very nice set of pics from Rossall. I must get down there sometime. Keep up the good work.

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